This is self-explanatory, I guess. Here I will share my ramblings, my thoughts, and my feelings. This is my personal space to debate with myself and question things. This is also where I will write my poetry. I feel it’s easier to say how I feel sometimes through verse and rhyme. I’ve been writing poems since I was about eleven. I even had some published in community newspapers as a teenager. I’ll have to dig those out one day. This will also be the space where I share my open letters to my children as they go through various moments in their lives.

DiaryFeatured Dear Santa - Santa Letter

Blogmas 6 – Dear Santa

Blogmas 6 – Santa In My House Welcome to Blogmas 6. If you missed yesterday’s post on how to glam it up for the festive season, click here. Today I’m talking about whether my kids still believe in Santa Claus. I grew up believing in Santa – and even though there was never a gift…

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DiaryFeatured Dear Santa - Santa Gift Bag

Blogmas 4 – Christmas In My House

Blogmas 4 – Christmas In My House Welcome back to Blogmas. Today is Day 4 and I’m going to share how we do Christmas in my house. Some of this has already been touched on in Why I Celebrate Christmas but I wanted to go into more details on just how I like to do things every…

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DiaryFeatured Blogmas - Gold And Red Decorations

Blogmas 1 – Why I Celebrate Christmas

Blogmas 1 – Why I Celebrate Christmas Welcome to Blogmas 2018. I only started blogging in January so this is my first Blogmas. I’m really excited to take part in this – although I hope I don’t run out of ideas halfway through! For those of my readers who don’t know, it’s basically an advent…

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DiaryFeatured Dear Shalini - Shalini as a baby

Dear Shalini – An Open Letter To My Daughter

Dear Shalini – An Open Letter To My Daughter Dear Shalini, I’m writing this to you on your 13th birthday. I can’t believe that my baby girl has become a teenager. I can’t get over the fact that so many years have flown by in the blink of an eye. You tower over me now.…

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Diary Time Out - Me posing on the beachfront

Time Out

Time Out I’ve returned to my blog after taking some time out. We went on our annual holiday and this year we chose the Dominican Republic. When we booked the trip in April, I had originally planned to blog while we were out there. I had only been into the first few months of my…

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Diary 16 Years - Sukh and I on the beach

16 Things I’ve Learned In 16 Years Of Marriage

16 Things I’ve Learned In 16 Years Of Marriage Sukh and I are celebrating 16 years of marriage today. We tied the knot on 31st August 2002. So I thought I would write a reflective post about our marriage, our friendship and our life together. I have no idea how we’re celebrating yet. We might be…

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Diary Sukh on the beach in Rio with the Olympic symbol

My Single Parent Test

My Single Parent Test My husband Sukh and I often go away for work. Even though my trips are shorter – no more than ten days at a time – they’re more frequent. Read about my recent trip to Mumbai here. Sukh’s first work trip abroad came in the summer of 2016 when he went to…

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Diary The Night Before The Big 4-0 - Me sitting and thinking

The Night Before The Big 4-0

The Night Before The Big 4-0 This is a post I wrote on the 6th November, the night before the big 4-0, as part of a mini-series about reaching this milestone. Read about my birthday celebrations here and about how I should dress for my age. As I only launched my site on New Year’s…

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