Growing up, most of my experience of travelling abroad was long-haul but India was the only country I’d ever visited. My parents used to take us every couple of years. Back then schools weren’t as strict on attendance so we could go for a couple of months at a time. I loved every minute of our India vacations, spending time with my aunts, uncles and cousins.

I didn’t venture anywhere else until I was eighteen. I had family in Canada and after my first year at university, I decided I was brave enough now to venture out on my own. I spent four weeks there and had a blast. That’s when I got the travel bug. I knew I wanted to broaden my horizons and visit as many places as possible.

It was great that Sukh also felt the same way. We went away to Spain for a week ahead of our wedding and for both of us, it was our first taste of Europe. It sounds strange to think we were in our twenties before we actually started to explore but things were different for us growing up. Our parents only wanted to visit India because they had family there. So when they could afford a trip, it would be back home. Our honeymoon in Hawaii and Las Vegas was amazing and in comparison to our trip to Spain, I knew I was a long-haul kinda girl.

When we had Shalini we made a promise that just because we had a child, we wouldn’t let this stop us. We booked a three-week trip to Goa and Mumbai when she was just eleven months old. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

We visited a few different countries with Shalini both near and far and when Shivam came along, we went to the Riviera Maya in Mexico when he was also eleven months.

Since then, we’ve embarked on a road trip across Florida, travelled around parts of California, been to Goa and Mumbai again, spent a week in Dubai in early 2017 and in August, we finally did the whole Orlando experience.

Here, I will write about some of our past holidays and days out with the kids. I hope you enjoy reading them!

FeaturedTravel Slaying Dragons - The Castle walls are projected onto in the second act

Slaying Dragons At Warwick Castle

Slaying Dragons At Warwick Castle We were invited to Warwick Castle this week to watch the new evening show. Dragon Slayer is on for selected dates throughout the summer with the last show on Bank Holiday Monday. I haven’t been out much lately due to some health issues. I thought it would be a great way…

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Travel Word tiles on stage

Matilda – A Special Theatre Experience

Matilda – A Special Theatre Experience Last week I was invited to watch Matilda at t he Birmingham Hippodrome. I had a plus-one so I had to make that very difficult decision of which child to take! I knew Shivam wanted to watch the musical but Sukh and I decided I would take Shalini. I…

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Travel Overview Of The Pool And Beach

Our Dream Holiday in Mexico – Part 1

Our Dream Holiday In Mexico – Part 1 This is the first post about our holiday in Mexico back in October 2010. It was truly one of the most special holidays in my life. I think Sukh and Shalini would agree that it’s definitely one we remember fondly. Shivam was only a baby then but he has…

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Travel Having A Look Through The Merchandise

Our ‘Wicked’ Day Out

Our ‘Wicked’ Day Out Last weekend, I was invited to watch the West End musical Wicked in London. I knew how much the kids – especially Shivam – had wanted to watch it on our last day trip to London. We ended up watching School Of Rock that day, which we enjoyed immensely. You can…

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Florida Road Trip – Travel Day & Miami

Florida Road Trip 2013 – Travel Day And Miami In my first post about our road-trip around the state of Florida, I wrote about the planning stages. If you missed it, you can read it here. This post starts with our travel day and the beginning of our adventure. We packed up the car and…

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My Stay At Le Sutra in Mumbai

My Stay At Le Sutra in Mumbai This is the second part of my mini-series about my stay in Mumbai at the beginning of the year. If you missed my post on my special relationship with the city, you can read it here. Expect to see lots of photos in this post. I took so…

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The Half Term Challenge

The Half Term Challenge Photo Credit: Shalini I look forward to school holidays because it means I can get up just a little bit later (if I’ve booked time off work) and not have the usual morning stresses of getting the kids up, ready, fed and out of the front door in time for school,…

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Day Out In London

Day Out In London This is a post I wrote back in November as part of a mini-series about my 40th birthday celebrations. I had planned to launch my site by then but for some reason or other, it never happened. I would still like to share this post with you though even though we’re…

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