Blogmas 10 – 10 Things I Love About Christmas

Blogmas 10 – 10 Things I Love About Christmas

Welcome back to Blogmas. Seeing as this is post 10, I thought I would do a rundown of the ten things I really love about Christmas. I’ve already have covered some of it in Why I Celebrate Christmas but I love a good list. These aren’t in any particular order and it’s not a complete list either, as I love whole lot more about the festive season.



I love Yankee candles and I have a few different ones throughout the year. The scents I choose accompany the season of the time. So when it’s Christmas, I’m the first to grab a few from their festive range. II’ll be doing a review of some of these soon during Blogmas.10 Things I Love About Christmas - Candles


I love snow. I love the feeling of being stuck indoors, under a cosy blanket, watching film after film and snacking throughout the day. I love building snowmen with the kids and having a good snowball fight. I admit this feeling only lasts a day or two. Once it starts to turn icy, that’s when I get annoyed and the beauty for me are those big soft flakes.10 Things I Love About Christmas - Snowman


I love putting up the tree and making the house look festive with the Christmas lights. There’s something really warm and comforting about having strings of lights around the house. I hate taking everything down but it’s beautiful during the month of December.10 Things I Love About Christmas - Decorations


I bake a sponge cake or a lemon drizzle now and then during the year. Shalini also bakes mini cupcakes when the mood takes her but nothing like the amount of baking we do at Christmas. We love making a whole range of sweet treats, including cookies, scones and cakes.10 Things I Love About Christmas - Cookies


I don’t need an excuse to shop and I love when October hits and I can start shopping for gifts. I also love drawing up lists, as I’ve mentioned, so I get to kill two birds with one stone. It’s somehow more satisfying to buy things for other people and watch their faces light up when they open their gifts.10 Things I Love About Christmas - Shopping


I love making a meal of dressing up my gifts in bows, ribbon, gift tags. They have to look pretty under the tree. I usually have all my wrapping down by mid-December and ready in individual gift bags waiting to be given to friends and family. It takes me a fair few hours to get through it all but I enjoy watching a couple of Christmas films at the same time.10 Things I Love About Christmas - Wrapped Gifts


How can anyone resist watching movie after movie during the holidays? We usually make a shortlist before the Christmas break, with films we watch as a family and films Sukh and I will watch after the kids have gone to bed. I make sure my cupboard is full of snacks and we make the most of our long lazy afternoons and evenings in between all the comings and goings.10 Things I Love About Christmas - Popcorn


We usually have our Christmas dinner at my in-laws and as I’ve mentioned in Christmas In My House, Sukh and I cook a big roast at home during the holidays too. There’s usually lamb and turkey on the menu with Sukh’s amazing pork and sage and onion stuffing. I love the wintry vegetables and all the trimmings followed by a choice of desserts.10 Things I Love About Christmas - Roast Dinner


I love spending lots of time with family and friends, either out and about or just chilling at someone’s house. My favourite part is inviting guests over to my house though. I usually have   different groups of people over at various points over the holidays. It gets tiring but I prefer hosting rather than being a guest. I love cooking a big meal and getting the board games out!10 Things I Love About Christmas - Menu


I love hot drinks and my favourites are mochas and hot chocolates. But I always like to try out the festive hot drinks in various coffee shops – always with lots of cream and chocolate sprinkles on top. I’m really loving the Caramelised Almond Brittle and Gingerbread Lattes at the moment. There are two big chains right outside my workplace and I know I’m loading up on calories, but who cares? It’s Christmas!10 Things I Love About Christmas - Hot DrinkThat’s my 10 Things. I might have to do a 10 Things I Hate About Christmas during Blogmas too – as there are always things one doesn’t like so much around the festive season.

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