Here I will share my diary pieces, my ramblings, my thoughts, and my feelings. This is my personal space to debate with myself and question things. This is also where I will write my poetry. I feel it’s easier to say how I feel sometimes through verse and rhyme.

And this is the space for me to share open letters to my children as they go through various moments in their lives.

Me and my friend Bal on a boat trip in Bodrum

Why Girly Trips Are So Important

Why Girly Trips Are So Important I love my trips away with my girlfriends. They are few and far between but when they come around it’s a really exciting time. Let me tell you why girly trips are so important to me. After Sukh and I married, we spent all our time together. At this point,…

11 Important Women In My Life

11 Important Women In My Life It’s International Women’s Day on Friday so I really wanted to write a post about important women in my life. This years theme is Balance For Better, which is about celebrating women’s achievement and taking action for equality. All of the women I mention here have achieved and done…