Here I will share my diary pieces, my ramblings, my thoughts, and my feelings. This is my personal space to debate with myself and question things. This is also where I will write my poetry. I feel it’s easier to say how I feel sometimes through verse and rhyme.

And this is the space for me to share open letters to my children as they go through various moments in their lives.

Handover - Sukh and the kids in an rickshaw

The Handover

The Handover I’m on my way to Mumbai for a work trip and writing this post as I sit on the plane. There are still three hours to go until we land and people around me are fast asleep. I can’t ever sleep on a plane, so I’m writing this instead. It’s standard practice that…

My Daughter Is Taller Than Me - Shalini sits on my lap in Florida

My Daughter Is Taller Than Me

My Daughter Is Taller Than Me I have never had a hang-up about my height. I’ve become used to having people tower over me, at a mere 5’3 (and a half). Sometimes I’m the shortest in a group. My parents aren’t very tall and neither are my sisters. So it’s never been an issue. And…