This part is about sharing moments from my world, whether it’s the day-to-day and the regular or the really remarkable and odd little things we do.

Whatever those moments may be, they’re all special because they make up my world. I hope you enjoy all the weird and wonderful things I share here and join me on this journey of oohs and aahs.

When My Supergirl Met Superwoman

 When My Supergirl Met Superwoman I surprised Shalini with a Superwoman meet and greet. It was probably the best surprise I could ever have given her – to meet her idol. Here’s what happened… HOW TO BE A BAWSE BOOK TOUR When I found out Internet and viral sensation Lilly Singh was coming to the…

Shivam's Christmas List - Shivam chats to Santa

Shivam’s Christmas List

  Shivam’s Christmas List I wanted to make a things-to-do list this week (I’m a stickler for lists and fascinated with organisation, planning and itineraries). I tend to keep a notebook in the kitchen for these kinds of things. But as usual there were no spare pages. My kids had already made their mark –…