Looking Back On The Highs of 2019

It’s that time of year again when I reflect on the last twelve months and look back on the highs of 2019. I look at what I’ve done as an individual, what we’ve done as a family, places we’ve been and seen and how the year shaped up in general.

It’s quite therapeutic writing posts like this because it allows me the chance to reflect on the last twelve months. Did I achieve everything I set out to this year? Are there new goals and ambitions I want to add to my ever-growing list?

Each passing year has plenty of highs but they also come with their fair share of lows too. I prefer to focus on the positive things that have happened because  even though each low is also a moment of learning, why dwell on it longer than necessary?


One of my biggest highs of the year was our family holiday to California. Sukh and I have been to LA and the surrounding areas many times – first as a couple and then as a family. This time we went for two weeks over Easter with his parents too. It was a holiday full of memories with three generations of the family.

Sukh’s uncle lives in California, so we always have a lovely place to stay with plenty of good times with his cousins. It was nice for my in-laws to just kick back and relax for two weeks. We took them to places they haven’t visited on previous trips like Japanese gardens and the Venice canals.Day trip to Universal Studios LA


We were lucky enough to get tickets to Coachella while out in California. My brother-in-law managed to get us two VIP passes through work and so Shalini and I went to our first ever music festival. You can read more about it and watch our vlog here. This was a huge high for me. The festival is on every music lover’s bucket list and I was lucky enough to get there for free – and for my teenage daughter to experience it too.


Just over a week after returning from California, I went on a girly trip to Palma De Mallorca. I’d never visited the island before and I can’t believe how stunning it is – and it’s literally an hour’s flight away. I have a close group of gal pals who I go on my short breaks away with.

A few days away was just what I needed. We laughed, we had long talks, we went sightseeing, shopping and just relaxed. We’ve done a fair few trips together over the years and we’re trying to make it an annual thing. You can read about some of our trips here.In Palma De Mallorca


In May, I went to see Take That in concert as they marked their 30th anniversary with a greatest hits tour. Take That were the band I loved throughout my teenage years. I’ve seen them in concert many times – as a five and as a four.

Even though this time there was only the trio of Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and Mark Owen, it was still a memorable night. They’ve always known how to put on a show and it was a night I will never forget (pardon the pun).Take That In Concert


Once the summer hit, so did the cricket World Cup. It was an extremely busy time for me at work because I was in charge of planning the entire editorial and coverage. It was a big deal for us because the competition hadn’t been held here since 1999 and is not likely to return to England and Wales for years.Me At Edgbaston Cricket Ground For The World Cup Match Between India And Bangladesh


We were a very small team and for six weeks, we were up and down the country at several matches. It was tiring but such an exciting time too. We had so much fun watching the games, doing live broadcasts, chatting to fans and meeting players.

For any huge cricket fan like myself, it was a dream come true to meet the one and only Sachin Tendulkar, one of the greatest players in the history of the game. This isn’t just one of the highs of 2019 but one of the greatest moments in my life.Me With Sachin Tendulkar At The World Cup Semi-Final Between New Zealand And India


Cricket seemed to take over a lot of my summer actually. Shivam’s been training for a league team for a couple of years. This was the first year he was eligible to represent the team in the cup competition and league games. Sukh and I became ‘soccer parents’, as we took him to home games and away matches all over the city.

Shivam was selected for nearly all of the games played and his batting and bowling skills have come on leaps and bounds. It was nice for Sukh and I too, as we formed some new friendships with other parents from our team. We were so proud of the boys when they won the Cup after some stiff competition and nail-biting finishes in the quarters and semis.Shivam With The Trophy After Winning The Cup Competition


In the summer, I went to FriendsFest with my gals Shivani and Bal. We drove down to Bristol and had a leisurely lunch before spending the afternoon doing all things Friends. It was the 25th anniversary of the show so it was great to mark it with my best friends.

It was a scorching hot day full of laughter and memories to cherish for a lifetime. We had such fun reenacting some of the show’s biggest scenes and taking pictures in Central Perk and Monica’s apartment.With My Friends At Central Perk, FriendsFest


September was a busy month with weddings in the extended family but it was also the month I started my side hustle. Yes, as if working full time and blogging wasn’t enough to keep me busy, I decided to start on yet another venture! I will explain more about it in a blog post soon but basically my nephew and I have formed a Sangeet duo.

A Sangeet night is a traditional evening, which usually takes place a couple of days before an Asian wedding. Family members and their guests get together to sing traditional folk and wedding songs. We did a trial tun at a wedding in September and realised it was definitely something with wanted to explore further.

This is definitely one of the highs of 2019 because it’s always exciting when you start something new. We’ll be kicking things off properly in 2020.Performing At A Sangeet Night With My Nephew


My last major highlight of 2019 has to be Sukh’s Rickshaw Run, which he undertook just before Christmas. He went on an adventure of a lifetime for two weeks, driving 2500km across India in an auto-rickshaw (also referred to as a tuk-tuk). It was all for a good cause to help deaf children hear again. You can read all about it here.

I am super proud of him for having achieved this mammoth mission, not only because it’s for a good cause but also because it was something he had wanted to do for some time. It’s not easy driving in India and in an open vehicle at that. I’m glad he returned home safe and sound and completed an epic journey like this. You can still donate to this amazing cause by clicking here.Sukh On His Rickshaw Run In IndiaThat’s how 2019 shaped up for me. Of course, there were lots of fantastic moments throughout the year but I’ve tried to pick out a handful of extra special ones for me. I hope you’ve had a chance to reflect on your highs of 2019. Here’s to more fun times and great moments in 2020!


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