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I love doing food and restaurant reviews, even though it’s been a while since I wrote one. We recently had the pleasure of sampling a variety of dishes from Oh My Chaat! But before I get into the actual review, let me explain what chaat is, for those that don’t know.


Chaat is a snack food that originated in Uttar Pradesh in India. It’s a street food that’s mainly eaten as an appetiser and includes such a vast range of flavours and textures. It’s crispy, crunchy, spicy and tangy all at the same time.Oh My Chaat PackagingGrowing up, my mum used to make her own recipe every time we had a gathering. It was simply delicious and I quickly became a fan of the mouth-watering flavours she would include in her dish. Papri Chaat


She would create a base of papri, which are thin wafers made from wheat dough. She would then add boiled potatoes and chick peas, finely-chopped red onions and green chilli, add a layer of yoghurt, topped with her homemade spicy and tangy chutney and finish off the dish with a sprinkling of coriander.Oh My Chaat PackagingIt’s a lengthy process if you’re preparing everything from scratch and I know a lot of us simply don’t have time to create something like this when we have guests. That’s where Oh My Chaat steps in.


It’s a small family business based in the West Midlands and we were gifted a selection from their menu; Gourmet Papri Chaat, Gourmet Samosa Chaat, Mini Aloo Tikki Chaat, Mini Fruit Chaat and Chaatapes.Oh My Chaat Selection Box

For an eatery to stick with the Doal family, there are five things we consider; packaging, portions, presentation, price and most importantly taste.


Firstly the packaging. As a recycling-friendly family, I was pleasantly surprised to see the use of cardboard tubs.The size of the portions was also impressive.

The minis are perfect as a snack for one person but the gourmet tubs are for sharing. I definitely don’t think I could polish it off alone!

Shalini isn’t a fan of any type of sauce or chutney, so Chaat isn’t something she’s ever tried. Shivam, on the other hand, couldn’t wait to tuck in! There was more than enough for Sukh, Shivam and I.Samosa Chaat


The presentation was superb and hadn’t moved at all during transit and the vibrancy of colours alone had my mouth watering!

Both the Samosa Chaat and Aloo Tikki Chaat had the right amount of spice, sweetness and tanginess. Chaat is something you should eat on the day it’s prepared because everything is fresh.Papri Chaat


You really want to savour the crunch of the papri, the sweetness of the pomegranate and appreciate the layering of the ingredients.

What can I say about the taste? It’s an explosion of different flavours in your mouth. Everything was simply delicious.Papri Chaat

I entertain a lot (well pre-pandemic, that is). I understand the love of cooking and the satisfaction of putting together an intricate dish like this for your guests.

But I know I won’t ever be creating anything like this from scratch when Oh My Chaat does all the hard work for me.Oh My Chaat Selection BoxThe Chaatapes box comes with a selection of 12 cones filled with mouth-watering flavours, which are perfect as part of a buffet or on their own as a quick snack.

There’s such a range of portion sizes and flavours on the menu.

Samosa Chaat


If a savoury chaat isn’t your thing, you can opt for the exotic fruit option instead. You can get three Gourmet Chaats for £20 and that’s another winner for me.

Shivam really loved the Samosa and Tikki chaats and scored them 9 out of 10.

With summer just around the corner, there’s nothing quite like munching on a bit of chaat in the garden or even at the park. It’s all packaged neatly for you, so it’s easy to take along on a picnic.

Papri Chaat

If you’ve never tried anything like this before, then give it a go. You won’t be disappointed. And for those of you who are chaat connoisseurs you will appreciate the authenticity.

Why not treat your family to this Indo-Pak fusion snack or surprise your guests with it at your next get-together? You can check out Oh My Chaat on Instagram.

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