About Me

Hi, I’m Rosie and welcome to my blog. Come and join me on my journey around the world. I’m full-time radio producer, content creator and Sangeet singer. I lead a very busy life and I hope you’ll feel inspired at the most and entertained at the least.

I started this blog back in 2018 and my husband was the catalyst for it. Writing has always been a passion of mine but when I started my career in Broadcast Journalism, writing stories and poetry just fell by the wayside. And then, of course, came motherhood and writing just wasn’t a priority.

Until Sukh pushed me to share my journey as a mother; the ups and downs of family life, places we visited, food we ate, countries we travelled to and experiences we had. My kids are now teenagers and I’m excited to take this blog into a new direction. What started as a family blog has now turned into a travel blog, as I discover more of the world.

I’ll be sharing all things travel; destinations, hotels, adventure, budgets and guides. Here you can find posts about family travel, solo trips, girl’s holidays and couples vacations.

So grab your passport and experience the world through my eyes.

Greenwich Village, New York, Welcome To My Blog

Things you need to know about me…

  • My full name is Ranjit Doal but Rosie has been my nickname since I was a baby
  • I’ve been married to Sukh for 21 years
  • We have two children; Shalini is 17 and Shivam is 13
  • I am a radio producer at the BBC
  • I qualified as a Broadcast Journalist with a 2:1
  • Sukh is a cameraman/technical operator and also works at the BBC and has helped me capture that perfect shot!
  • I am a Sangeet singer (that’s wedding singer for those of you who don’t know). I sing traditional wedding songs and kickstart the celebrations a few days before the big day.
  • I started creating Punjabi comedy skits on Tik Tok during lockdown and had no idea they would become viral.
  • I am passionate about my Punjabi culture; the food, the language, the fashion and the music, which I cover on my socials

So that’s all about me. Now let’s go have some fun!